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A curated list of awesome watchOS frameworks, libraries, sample apps.

Getting Started

Libraries And Frameworks


  • MMWormhole - A powerful toolkit for synthesizing, processing, and analyzing sounds.

Example App


  • IGInterfaceDataTable - A category on WKInterfaceTable that makes configuring tables with multi-dimensional data easier.

Example App

Example App


Example App

  • NKWatchChart - A chart library for Apple Watch based on PNChart and ios-charts.

Example App


Design Guidelines

Design Resources



  • thinkapps for watch - A website help you create your free Apple Watch App prototype in just 10 minutes.

Images Generator

Sample Apps

  • Lister - An official sample app demonstrates Apple Watch integration.

Example App

  • WatchKit Catalog - An official sample app demonstrates how to use UI elements available in the WatchKit framework.
  • Cherry - A mini pomodoro timer app designed for the  Watch.

Example App

  • Bitcoin Tracker - A bitcoin price tracking app.

    Example App

  • WWDC - An open sourcing WWDC hit parties app.

Example App



WatchKit Introduction

WatchOS 2 New Features

  • The Power of Animations - A tutorial demonstrates how to animate the user interface by changing layout properties.


Other Awesome Lists

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