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A curated list of SVG. The main idea is that everyone can contribute here, so we can center all the informations about SVG and keep up-to-date.

- [Accessible SVG](
- [Animation](
- [Books](
- [Experiments](
- [Filters](
- [Follow on Twitter](
- [Gradients](
- [Grunt Plugins](
- [Gulp Plugins](
- [Icons](
- [Libraries](
- [Masks and Clip-Paths](
- [Optimizing, Fallbacks and Tools](
- [Patterns](
- [Podcasts](
- [Responsive](
- [Sites using SVG](
- [Slides](
- [Snippets](
- [Sprites](
- [SVG Software](
- [SVG to Download](
- [Text](
- [Tutorials](
- [Videos](

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