Awesome V Awesome

A curated list of awesome V frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

V is a simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software.



  • v - V itself. Simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software.
  • vbf - A brainfuck interpreter/compiler.
  • monkey_v - Implementation of Thorsten Ball's Monkey Language in V.
  • vcc - A C compiler written in V.
  • Vork - Alternative V compiler/interpreter written in Python.

Package managers

  • vpkg - An alternative package manager for V.
  • vpm - The V language package management tool written in V.


  • vid - 1 MB text editor written in V with hardware accelerated text rendering. Compiles in <1s.




  • Vlang the Game - A little platformer written in V with vSDL2, made purely for memes and fun.
  • Boundstone - High Performance / Fast Compilation / Lightweight Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Server.


  • HN-top - A simple command to list most recent news from hacker-news.
  • vast - A simple tool for vlang, generate v source file to AST json file.

Project management

  • vset - A project setup and configuration tool for V projects.


  • protoc-v - Protobuf compiler and plugin for V.


Command line interface

  • vargs - V library for parsing arguments from argv-like arrays.
  • progressbar - An easy to use V library for creating progress bars in cli.
  • boxx - Create highly customizable terminal boxes that also look great! 📦
  • lol - V version of lolcat (text/character rainbowizer).

Text processing

  • v-regex - A simple regex library for V.
  • chalk - Colorize strings in the terminal.
  • crayon - Paint your terminal output like Picasso. 🖍️🎨
  • cjson - Wrap cJSON for vlang.


  • vgl - Low-level graphics API access.
  • vsdl2 - A libSDL2 wrapper.


  • valval - Web framework written in V, improved by vweb.
  • vex - Web framework written on V inspired by Express and Sinatra.
  • vweb - V's built-in web framework. Used by Vorum.
  • v-jsonrpc - Basic JSON-RPC 2.0-compliant server written on V.

Database clients

  • redis - Redis client for V, written in V.


  • vave - A crazy simple library for reading/writing WAV files in V. 🌊
  • vspeech - Complete V bindings for Mozilla's DeepSpeech TensorFlow based Speech-to-Text library. 📢📜
  • v-miniaudio - Bindings for the excellent miniaudio C audio library.

Operating system

  • clipboard - V module for interacting with the OS clipboard. Fully cross-platform.
  • vlipboard - An easy to use wrapper of clipboard with Wayland and Termux support.


  • vrobot - Desktop automation for V. Only supports Windows.


  • vgram - Telegram bot library.


  • v-mime - MIME detection library for V.

Game development

  • vraylib - V wrapper (bindings) for raylib, the C game development framework.


  • eventbus - A simple event bus system for V.

User Interface toolkits

  • V UI - Integrated cross platform UI toolkit for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and the web.
  • vgtk3 - A wrapper for GTK3 in V.
  • vig - Bindings for Dear ImGui GUI toolkit.
  • vnk - Bindings for Nuklear GUI toolkit.

Scientific computing

  • vsl - A pure-V scientific library with a great variety of functions.
  • vnum - Numerical computing library supporting n-dimensional data, backed by LAPACK and BLAS.


  • range - Functionality of Python's range() in V.


Syntax highlighting

GitHub actions

  • setup-v-action - GitHub action automation to use V in your workflow.


Programming contests


Online IDEs with V