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A curated list of awesome Magento 2 Extensions & Resources


Open Source Extensions

Development Utilities


Language Packages

  • ru_RU 🇷🇺 - Russian Language Package.
  • de_DE 🇩🇪 - German Language Package.
  • de_CH 🇨🇭 - Swiss Language Package.
  • fr_FR 🇫🇷 - French Language Package.
  • da_DK 🇩🇰 - Danish Language Package.
  • es_AR 🇦🇷 - Spanish (Argentina) Language Package.
  • es_ES 🇪🇸 - Spanish Language Package.
  • pt_BR 🇧🇷 - Portuguese Brazil Language Package.
  • it_IT 🇮🇹 - Italian Language.
  • nl_NL alt. 🇳🇱 - Dutch Language Package.
  • pl_PL 🇵🇱 - Polish Language Package.
  • tr_TR 🇹🇷 - Turkish Language Package.
  • ro_RO 🇷🇴 - Romanian Language Package.
  • fi_FL 🇫🇮 - Finnish Language Package.
  • ko_KR 🇰🇷 - Korean Language Package.
  • sk_SK 🇸🇰 - Slovakian Language Package.
  • sl_SI 🇸🇮 - Slovenian Language Package.
  • en_GB 🇬🇧 - British Language Package.

Catalog & Checkout



Adminhtml / Backend

  • Customer Force Login - Login as a Customer for support reasons.
  • Checkout Tester - Extension to quickly test Checkout changes.
  • Preview Checkout Success Page - quickly and easily preview and test your order confirmation page, without the need to placing a new order each time.
  • Firebear Import/Export - Import/Export Improvements for Standard Magento Importer.
  • FireGento Fast Simple Import - Wrapper for Magento 2 ImportExport functionality, which imports products and customers from arrays
  • Magento 2 Import Framework - A library supporting generic Magento 2 import functionality
  • Image Resizer - Magento 2 Module to add simple image resizing capabilities in all blocks and .phtml templates by Staempfli.
  • Excel Spreadsheet - Magento 2 Module for parsing xlsx, xlsm and csv files from Excel by Staempfli.
  • PDF Generator - Invoice PDF Generator For Magento 2 by EaDesign.
  • Mobile Detection - Mobile detect change theme and redirect based on device type by EaDesign.
  • Menu Editor - Provides powerful menu editor to replace category based menus in Magento 2.
  • PageNotFound - Saves upcoming 404 in your Database with the possibility to created a redirect.
  • - Application Monitoring and Error Tracking Software for Magento 2
  • EmailCatcher / Logger - Saves all emails send by Magento in your database. Adds a grid where they can be viewed.
  • Custom SMTP - Configure Magento 2 to send all transactional email using Google App, Gmail, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Microsoft Office365 and other SMTP server.
  • Reset Customer Password - Set a customer password with bin/magento by Vinai Kopp.
  • Admin Auto Login - Automatically login to Magento 2 admin, veru useful for demo
  • Guest to Customer - Quickly and easily convert existing guest checkout customers to registered customers.
  • Reset UI Bookmarks - Reset UI Bookmarks allows admin users to reset their own UI bookmarks such as state of filters, column positions and applied sorting ( e.g Sales > Orders ).


Payment Service Provider

  • PAYONE - PAYONE Payment Integration.
  • Stripe - Stripe Payments for Magento 2.
  • Square - Square Payments for Magento 2.


Mobile Application

Proprietary Extensions



Progressive Web Application


Personal Blogs

Company Blogs




Official Resources

List of trustworthy Extension Developers

Magento Extension Developers Network (ExtDN) The Magento Extension Developers Network (ExtDN) is a vetted network of extension developers whose core business is to develop and sell quality Magento extensions. I founded ExtDN to bring accountability and trust to the Magento extension market. ExtDN members agree to hold themselves accountable to high standards of coding, copyright and business conduct.

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Thanks Anna Völkl & Sander Mangel for collecting all the language packs!

Thanks MageTitans for sharing the Talks on YouTube.