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Q# is a domain-specific programming language used for expressing quantum algorithms. It was initially released to the public by Microsoft as part of the Quantum Development Kit. –Wikipedia

A list of Q# code and resources.

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Official Resources




- Microsoft Quantum Development Kit Preview - Krysta Svore - step-by-step demo of quantum teleportation at Microsoft Mechanics. - Introduction to Quantum Programming through the Quantum Katas - Bettina Heim, Microsoft Ignite 2018 session (here is the same session held with VS Code instead of Visual Studio). - Learn to build your first quantum solution with the Quantum Development Kit and Q# - John Azariah, Microsoft Build 2018 session. - Programming quantum computers in .NET using Microsoft Q# - Rolf Huisman. - Quantum computing sessions at //Build


Coding Contests and Solutions

Official resources

Participants' solutions

IDE Integration

- Visual Studio - Visual Studio Code - Emacs - Atom - Vim - Jupyter Notebook

Demos, Samples, and Additional Libraries