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PlayCanvas is an open source platform for building interactive web content. It's written in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL.

This list is a curated collection of awesome resources, tools, tutorials and projects using the PlayCanvas engine to help developers make awesome games and visualizations.

Contributions very welcome but first see Contributing.


  • Editor - Browser-based, real-time collaborative WebGL Editor.
  • Engine - Full source to the PlayCanvas run-time licensed under MIT.
  • glTF Viewer - glTF 2.0 compliant model viewer.
  • NPM Package - Node.js packages of the PlayCanvas engine run-time.
  • PCUI - Open source front-end framework used by the PlayCanvas toolset.
  • Reference - API reference manual for the engine run-time.
  • User Manual - PlayCanvas user guide.



Extensions and Utilities

Technical Demos

  • After the Flood - Collaboration with Mozilla to promote WebGL 2.
  • Casino - Physically rendered 3D casino environment.
  • Global Illumination - GI approximation using interpolated lightmaps.
  • Seemore - Collaboration with ARM to promote mobile WebGL.
  • Sponza - Run-time lightmapped Sponza environment.
  • Star-Lord - First ever PBR demo from PlayCanvas.
  • Steampunk Slots - Physically rendered slots machine.


Browser Games

IO Games

  • Bullet Bonanza - Fast paced, high fidelity, 3D Multiplayer FPS game from Kiloo.
  • Ink Wars - Real-time multiplayer game where you paint the neighborhood to win.
  • Mini Royale 2 - Battle Royale first person shooter.
  • Robostorm - Frenetic online multiplayer mech battle game.
  • Tank Royale - Cartoony fast-paced top-down multiplayer shooter.
  • TANX - Online multiplayer tank battle game.
  • Venge - 3D Multiplayer FPS shooter.

Messenger Games


Product Configurators


  • Orange Room - A highly realistic interior environment demonstrating room-scale VR.
  • Neon Bubblegum - Demo scene style WebXR-based homepage from Karsten Weil.
  • WebXR Lab - Sandbox for VR interaction experiments.

Virtual Events


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