Awesome RxJava Awesome

Useful resources for working with RxJava

Inspired by the awesome list thing.


  • RxAndroid - Android specific bindings for RxJava.
  • RxBinding - RxJava binding APIs for Android UI widgets from the platform and support libraries.
  • rx-preferences - Reactive SharedPreferences for Android.
  • RxPermissions - Android M runtime permissions powered by RxJava.
  • Android-ReactiveLocation - Small library that wraps Google Play Service API in brilliant RxJava Observables reducing boilerplate to minimum.
  • ReactiveNetwork - Android library listening network connection state and change of the WiFi signal strength with RxJava Observables.
  • ReactiveSensors - Android library monitoring hardware sensors with RxJava Observables.
  • RxPalette - RxJava bindings for the Palette library on Android.
  • rxjava-jdbc - Efficient execution and functional composition of database calls using jdbc and RxJava Observables.
  • rxjava-file - RxJava observables for files including NIO events.
  • RxTuples - Simple tuples to use with RxJava.
  • RxAnimationBinding - RxJava binding APIs for Android's animations.


  • RxJavaAsyncUtil - Async utilities for RxJava.
  • RxJavaJoins - Joins operators for RxJava.
  • RxJavaMath - Math operators for RxJava.
  • RxJavaString - String and Byte operators for RxJava.
  • RxJavaComputationExpressions - Computation expressions for RxJava.
  • rxjava-extras - Utilities for use with RxJava.
  • RxActions - Simple ActionN composition to use with RxJava.
  • RxRelay - RxJava types that are both an Observable and an Action1.
  • Frodo - Android Library for Logging RxJava Observables and Subscribers.
  • RxPartialApplication - Simple partial application for FuncN and ActionN on RxJava.
  • RxCurrying - Simple currying for FuncN and ActionN on RxJava.
  • RxEither - Either type for RxJava.
  • RxReplayingShare - An RxJava transformer which combines replay(1), publish(), and refCount() operators.
  • RxFunctions - Advanced Function composition to use with RxJava.
  • rxlint - An Android lint rule for RxJava code.
  • RxComprehensions - Reduce boilerplate in RxJava by abstracting chained flatMaps, concatMaps and switchMaps.


  • assertj-rx - AssertJ assertions for RxJava Observables.
  • rxpresso - Easy Espresso UI testing for Android applications using RxJava.




  • RxMarbles - Interactive diagrams of Rx Observables.




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