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A curated list of Awesome Events in 🇳🇱

This list contains awesome (tech related) events happening (and are mostly recurring) in The Netherlands like: conferences, meetups and parties 🎉

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  • Makersclub - Bimonthly casual drinkup without an agenda.
  • EuRuKo - An annual European conference about Ruby (2019).
  • NodeSchool - Monthly meetup about learning Node.js.
  • Crowdsource - Crowdsource ideas for startups.




  • CocoaHeads - Monthly meetup about iOS and MacOS development.
  • CoderDojo - Monthly workshops for kids (7-17) to learn to code.
  • Design by Fire Café - Conferences and Gatherings on Interaction Design.


  • Lanyrd - Directory of conferences and events.
  • Meetup - Directory of meetups.