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Awesome Bitcoin Payment Processors Awesome

A list of awesome Bitcoin payment processors and stories from merchants using them. Why are they awesome?

  1. They are either protected against financial censorship or they don't practice it.
  2. They process native Bitcoin transactions and don't require wallets to use the controversial payment protocol.
  3. They don't block payments by IPs/locations.

Self-Hosted Payment Processors

Self-Hosted payment processors run on your server and provide you with a full control over the entire payment process and funds. There's no third-party involvement - that significantly increases the censorship-resistance, privacy, and security for you and your customers.

Processor Fees Lightning Directly to Your Wallet Conversion to Fiat Requirements
BTCPay Server No fees Yes Yes Via Payment Forwarding 2 GB RAM, 80 GB Storage, Docker
Cashier-BTC No fees No Yes No ?
One Time Address No fees No Yes No NodeJS
CryptoWoo $34 - $99 per year No Yes No PHP 5.6+, Wordpress 4.3+, WooCommerce 3.0+
BitcartCC No fees Yes Yes No 1 GB RAM, 10 GB Storage, Docker

Hosted Payment Processors

Hosted payment processors run on someone else's server. This simplifies the initial setup process, but reduces the amount of control you have over the payment process and even funds, if they use their wallets for receiving payments.

Processor Fees Lightning Directly to Your Wallet Conversion to Fiat Requirements
BitcoinPay 0.8% No No Yes Information about business / website. May require certain documents.
Blockonomics 1% No Yes Via Payment Forwarding No
CoinGate 1% Yes No Yes Require certain documents.
CoinPayments 0.5% Yes No Yes On withdrawal may require a number of forms of identification and will require settlement of any outstanding amounts.
GloBee 1% or ($30 - $300)/mo Yes No Via Luno and Uphold Information about business / website. May require certain documents.
OpenNode 1% Yes No Yes May require to verify identity. Also may require to verify details or sources of funds regarding received payments.
Savvy No fees (temporary) No Yes No For accepting payments above $2000, for ICO and other types of fundraising, pre approval required.
Strike 1% Only No No For companies, the name of a company and a physical address.
Payscrypt No fees No Yes No No
AtomicPay 0.7%+ No Yes No KYC required for businesses.
Coinremitter 0.23% No No No No

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