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Deno is a simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust.

This list is a collection of the best Deno modules and resources.


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NOTICE: Deno has a few official modules that could be found at deno_std. Consider submitting to the repository.

  • abc - A better Deno framework to create web application.
  • alosaur - Alosaur - Deno web framework with many decorators.
  • attain - A middleware web framework for Deno which is using http standard library inspired by express and Oak. Fast and stable with proper memory usage.
  • aqua - A minimal and fast web framework for Deno.
  • autopilot - Autopilot - Cross-platform web automation with Deno.
  • bytes_formater - Format bytes (Uint8Array, ArrayBufferView, etc) output, useful when debugging IO functions.
  • cac - Simple yet powerful framework for building command-line apps.
  • camelcase - Convert a dash/dot/underscore/space separated string to camelCase: foo-bar → fooBar.
  • colors - A basic console color library intended for Deno.
  • computed_types - Joi like validators for Typescript and Deno.
  • cli-spinner - Show spinners in the terminal while running long tasks.
  • csv - A simple CSV parser.
  • dcc - Deno Cache Clean, reloading deps when next running.
  • dejs - Ejs template engine for deno.
  • denon - A file watcher with a for-await generator.
  • deno_case_style - String validator and formater for different case style. eg: camelCase etc.
  • deno-context - Propagate deadlines, a cancellation and other request-scoped values to multiple promise. The behaviour is like Go's context.
  • deno_cron - A cron Job scheduler that allows you to write human readable cron syntax with tons of flexibility
  • deno-deamon - Make the Deno program run in the background.
  • deno-dotenv
  • pietvanzoen/deno-dotenv - Dotenv handling for deno.
  • cardosomarcos/deno-dotenv - Loads environment variables from .env for Deno projects.
  • deno-express - Node Express ported to Deno.
  • deno-fnparse - An extremely simple parser combinator for JavaScript.
  • deno-globrex - Port of globrex to deno, glob to regular expression.
  • deno-mysql - MySQL database driver.
  • deno_mongo - MongoDB database driver.
  • deno_notify - Send desktop notifications on all platforms.
  • deno-opn - Opens stuff like websites, files, executables. Cross-platform.
  • deno-plugin-prepare - A library for managing Deno native plugin dependencies.
  • deno-pretty-assert - A colorful assertEqual for deno.
  • deno-prettystring - Format, trim and remove extra white spaces between characters from string.
  • deno_random_interval - Helper to generate random interval.
  • deno-redis - An experimental implementation of redis client for deno.
  • deno-slugify - A string slugifier for deno.
  • deno-smtp - A smtp mail sender for deno.
  • deno_tiny_templates - Template renderer for deno.
  • deno_tokenizer - A simple tokenizer for deno.
  • deno-using - An python-style with statements for deno.
  • deno-uuid - UUID module for deno.
  • deno-ws - An experimental implementation of websocket server for deno.ts.
  • deno-websocket - 🦕A simple WebSocket library like ws of node.js library.
  • deno-xml-parser - Deno XML parser ported from segmentio/xml-parser.
  • denotrain - All-in-One web framework like express or fastify for Node.js with middleware support.
  • dinatra - Sinatra like light weight web app framework for deno.
  • djwt - Make JSON Web Tokens (JWT) on Deno based on JWT and JWS specifications.
  • dso - A simple ORM library based on mysql.
  • ensure - Ensure you are running a minimum version of Deno, Typescript, or V8.
  • evt - Type safe replacement for EventEmitter.
  • expect - Helpers for writing jest like expect tests in deno.
  • flags - Command line arguments parser for Deno based on minimist.
  • gardens - A useful logging utility for JavaScript everywhere.
  • gentleRpc - A JSON-RPC 2.0 TypeScript library for Deno and the browser.
  • http - HTTP module including a file server.
  • http-libs - HTTP modules and typings.
  • invert-kv - Invert key-value pairs in Deno.
  • jwt - Port of auth0/jsonwebtoken.
  • lazy - A linq-like lazy-evaluation iteration module.
  • log - Logging module for Deno.
  • marked - Markdown-to-HTML converter.
  • ms - Easily convert various time formats to milliseconds.
  • normalize_diacritics - Remove accents/diacritics in string.
  • oak - A middleware framework for Deno's net server.
  • online - Check if you're currently online in Deno.
  • opine - Fast, minimalist web framework ported from ExpressJS.
  • path - Deno Path Manipulation Libraries.
  • pogo - Server framework for Deno.
  • postgres - Driver for PostgreSQL database.
  • qrcode - QR code image generator for Deno.
  • qs - A query string parser with nesting support.
  • recursive-readdir - Recursively read directories in Deno.
  • router - A high-performance basic router works anywhere.
  • rubico - 🏞 [a]synchronous function composition; it just works.
  • sax-ts - SAX-style XML parser ported from sax-js.
  • servest - A progressive HTTP server/router.
  • sql-builder - An sql query builder.
  • status - HTTP codes and status utility for Deno.
  • textproto
  • time.ts - Time.ts - A straightforward Deno timezone manipulation
  • type-fest - A collection of essential TypeScript types (port of sindresorhus/type-fest).
  • unexpected - Extensible BDD assertion toolkit.
  • up - Check if a website is up in Deno.
  • wasm-gzip - Encrypt and decrypt gzip for Deno.
  • watch - A file watcher.
  • websocket_server - A WebSocket server library. 🔌
  • webview - Deno bindings for webview, a tiny library for creating web-based desktop GUIs.
  • wu-diff-js - A diff library to compute differences between two slices using wu(the O(NP)) algorithm.
  • youtube-deno - A Deno client library for the YouTube Data API for any interaction with YouTube.


  • clone - A simple utility for the convenient clone.
  • dedep - Manage dependency versions.
  • denoget - Denoget installs executable Deno script.
  • denoify - For NPM module authors that would like to support Deno but do not want to write and maintain a port.
  • denoinit - Denoinit generates useful files for Deno project.
  • denoliver - A simple, dependency free file server with live reload.
  • denomander - Deno command-line interfaces inspired from commander.js.
  • denon - A daemon script runner, like nodemon. Built in and for Deno.
  • denopkg - An easier way to use code from GitHub in your Deno project.
  • denoversion - SemVer and git version management for Deno.
  • denox - Like packages.json scripts, but for Deno with permissions support.
  • - Cross-platform Makefile for installing and running Deno.
  • maxmcd's deno-docker A docker image.
  • hayd's deno-docker Several docker images.
  • deno-vscode - Leverage the typedef and intellisense built into vscode using this extension.
  • dev_server - Let TypeScript files be used directly in the script tag.
  • dpm - Deno Package Manager, install global command for deno. like denoget.
  • dvm
  • justjavac/dvm - Deno Version Manager: manage multiple active Deno versions.
  • axetroy/dvm - Version manger for Deno without runtime dependencies.
  • elm-live-reload - An elm live reloader written in Deno.
  • nessie - Create, migrate and rollback migrations for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.
  • packer-provisioner-deno - A Packer plugin that makes it easy to build virtual machine images with Deno scripts.
  • pagic - The easiest way to generate static html page from markdown, built with Deno.
  • pika Deno plugin
  • starter - Deno module starter template with GitHub Actions CI
  • task-runner - Write tasks just like npm scripts.
  • typescript-deno-plugin - Deno language service plugin, providing intellisense in TypeScript files within editors.
  • udd - Update Deno dependencies: updates import statements to their latest published version.
  • velociraptor - An npm-style script runner for Deno.
  • vscode-deno - VS Code extension that provides Deno support using the TypeScript Deno language service plugin.



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