An awesome list about everything related to the Ethereum platform.
Ethereum is an open-source, blockchain and smart contract computing platform.


Pull requests are welcome! In the spirit of decentralized applications however, please ensure your submission is not a paywalled product.


Official Ethereum Documentation.

  • GitHub Wiki - Ethereum wiki covering all things related to Ethereum. The go-to place for all things.
  • Whitepaper - Non-technical introductory description of Ethereum.
  • Yellowpaper - Technical description of Ethereum. Technically outdated, but interesting.


  • OpenZeppelin - Battle-tested framework of secure, reusable smart contracts.
  • Truffle Framework - Development environment for blockchain applications.
  • Ganache - Personal Ethereum blockchain to run tests.
  • Remix Online IDE - A useful in-browser IDE that can compile and publish smart contracts to various Ethereum networks. Includes a linter.
  • Embark Framework - Framework for serverless Decentralized Applications using Ethereum, IPFS and other platforms.
  • Eth Fiddle - Online editor for smart contracts.


Step by step guides on using Ethereum.


Learning and MOOCs

Learn about the theory behind Ethereum.


The Ideas behind the Ethereum Project.



  • MetaMask - Browser extension that can interact with Remix IDE and send transactions to different testnets.
  • MyEtherWallet - Online wallet service that interacts with the blockchain and performs several other useful functions.
  • Mist - Official Ethereum wallet - Browse and use Ðapps on the Ethereum network.
  • MyCrypto - Online wallet service that interacts with the blockchain and performs several other useful functions.

Blockchain Utilities

  • ETH Gas Station - A tool to check the current price of gas for transactions.
  • Etherscan - Ethereum block explorer with other useful block utilities.
  • Ethplorer - Ethereum block explorer.
  • Etherchain - Ethereum block explorer.
  • Enjinx - Ethereum block explorer, that also nicely visualizes assets and tokens.
  • Blockchair - Multi block explorer with nice charts.


Descriptions and implementations of Ethereum-related protocols.





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