Awesome Flame

A curated list of games, libraries, and articles related to the Flame Engine for Flutter.

Flame is a minimalist 2D game engine for Flutter that provides a nice set of somewhat independent modules you can choose from to build your games.

Articles & Tutorials

Beginner Tutorial Series by Alekhin

Articles by Fireslime

Plugins & Libraries




Open Source


  • Bob Box - A simple casual game that you can play with one finger. Tap to stop, avoid obstacles! By FireSlime
  • Snaake! - A simple casual snake game. By lucasnlm

Endless Runner

  • BGUG - Break Guns Using Gems is a fast paced side-scrolling platformer with innovative controls and and a gun-related twist. By FireSlime



App Releases


Tower Defense


  • Four In A Row - Android, iOS - Play the classic 'Four In A Row' board game! Will you be the first to connect 4 of your chips? Challenge the AI, or play against your friends and family. By Ignace Maes


  • KINGA - Android, iOS - Protect the cookie from the pesky flies. By Kevin Omyonga

  • Dino Run! - Android, - You are already familiar with this game, you can play it in Chrome when there is no internet. I just added a little color to it. Also you can shout to make the little cute Dino to jump, isn't that cool?. By Probhakar Sarkar


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