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Open-source, developer-centric performance monitoring and load testing solution, k6.

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Reference Projects


  • k6-to-junit - Tool for converting k6 output to JUnit XML for easy use with CIs.
  • k6-reporter - Tool for converting k6 output to HTML reports.
  • k6-reporter - Tool for generating k6 HTML reports.
  • har-to-k6 - Tool for converting HAR recordings to k6 test scripts.
  • postman-to-k6 - Tool for converting Postman collections to k6 test scripts.
  • k6 generator - Tool for converting Swagger/OpenAPI specifications to k6 test scripts.
  • jmeter-to-k6 - Tool for converting JMeter test cases to k6 test scripts.
  • jslib.k6.io - Useful utility libs for k6 scripts.
  • k6 for visual studio code - Marketplace Extension for running k6 directly from your IDE.