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A curated list of awesome developer-first tools, products and resources.

The definition of developer-first for this repo is: * Developers are the target audience. * "Headless", "API-first", "SaaS" are frequently used keywords. * Usually, this means that the front page has some code examples.

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Track web/app visitors. * Mixpanel - Product analytics and dashboards. * Baremetrics - Subscription analytics for Stripe. * Segment - Collect user data and send it to your other tools. * Heap - Product analytics API for web and mobile, captures all events.

Authentication & Identity

Products that handle authentication and user identity for you. * Auth0 - Authentication & authorization as a service. * AWS cognito - AWS's authentication as a service. * Okta - Embeddable authentication with SSO. * LoginRadius - Managed user authentication service with SSO. * Firebase Auth - Google Firebase's take on authentication. * - Passwordless (email-based) log in as a service.


Continious Integration/Delivery. * CircleCI - YML to configure your builds, parallel jobs, jobs marketplace. * Gitlab - Open source CI and hosted solution with Github-like abilities.

CMS (headless)

Code Quality

Check your code quality. * sonarsource - Lint and code quality checks. * Codacy - Automatic code quality checks.

Computer Vision

Manipulate and detect visual data. * clarifai - Set of computer vision APIs. * CloudSight - Digital media brand recognition. * Google Vision AI - Google's AI vision APIs.

Databases & Spreadsheets

Storing data and processing it. * Airtable - Database and spreadsheet hybrid with an API.

Deployment Hosting

Products that help you deploy your app/website. * Render - Deploy from git to a CDN with SSL. * Vercel - Deploy JAMStack (mainly Next.js) via CLI. * Netlify - Deploy JAMStack (mainly Gatsby) via CLI. * Heroku - Deploy via CLI to scalable servers. * Digital Ocean App Platform - Deploy and don't care about infrastructure, works with all major frameworks. * - Continuously deploy full-stack apps.


Comments and forums. * Commento - Privacy centric embeddable comment system. * MuutIo - Tools to create a community-driven app. * TurnTo - Ratings, community Q&A, reviews, and comments as a service. * Bazaarvoice - Ratings, reviews as a service. * Yotpo - Reviews ratings and Q&A as a service. * Gitter - Chat and networking platform for developers.


Documentation solutions. * readme - Personalized and dynamic developer docs. * DeveloperHub - Collaborative developer documentation platform.

Environment & Secret Management

Manage environment variables and secrets for multiple apps or projects. * Vault - API driven secret key management. * Doppler - Environment variable management across projects, in one place. * 1Password Secrets Automation - Secrets management with integration to 1Password. * Envkey - Environment management with syncing mechanism for all apps.


Location services. * Radar - Geofencing and geo APIs. * mapbox - Maps and locations products for devs. * SmartyStreets - US Reverse Geocoding and Address Verification APIs.


Products that extend your IDE and help development. * Codota - AI code completions for your IDE. * TabNine - Deep learning completion (part of codota). * Kite - AI assistant in your IDE (Python or JS).


Translating your product (also denoted i18n). * Localazy - App translation built for developers.


Sending emails as a service. * Mailgun - Send, track, and receive emails. * Sendgrid - Email API. * Lob - Email and address verification. * FormSpree - Receive form submissions by email. * - Email lead and validation APIs. * Anymail finder - Verify and find email APIs.


Media APIs (optimization, CDN). * Cloudinary - Optimize, create, manage, and deliver images and videos. * imgix - Transforms, optimizes, and cache images. * ImageKit - Automate image optimization, transformation, and delivery. * Mux - APIs to upload, manage, and stream video.


Messaging APIs - SMS, notifications, chats, and VoIP. * Twilio - SMS, push notifications, and VoIP APIs. * Vonage - Video, SMS, chat, and voice APIs. * stream - Feed and chat as a service. * Applozic - Chat SDKs, real-time messaging.


Different products that probably don't have a category. * Actyx - Developer-first factory building.


Monitoring your production application. * Sentry - Application monitoring for bugs and performance. * KeenIO - Event streaming platform. * Rollbar - Reports errors in production. * LogRocket - Replay bugs users had.

Natural Language Processing

Interactions with natural language. * - Voice/text chatbot framework by Facebook. * DialogFlow - Voice/text chatbot framework by Google.


Handling payments, credit card processing, and invoices. * Stripe Payments - Accept payments and move money globally with APIs. * Braintree - Paypal's take on API-first payments. * Plaid - Accept, send ACH (bank transfers) and get bank information. * Paddle - Revenue delivery platform for SaaS with broad geographical support (unlike stripe at the moment).


Repository and artifacts management. * Artifactory - Create your own package repository. * cloudsmith - Cloud-native private package management.


Fetching data from websites not via an intended API. * Apify - Turn websites to an API. * proxycrawl - Scrape hard-to-scrape websites with proxies. * ScrapingBee - Using headless browsers and proxies to scrape without being blocked. * ScrapingANT - Scrape with headless chrome.

  • Algolia - Search as a service and full suite of search APIs.
  • Swiftype - Search as a service (crawlers and React ready).
  • Websolr - Open-source and hosted search with Solr.


Creating and handling the shipment of goods. * easypost - Shipping APIs for e-commerce.


Testing tools. * Testim - Frontend testing. * Applitools - Automated visual testing. * Percy - Continuous visual testing. * - Performance testing. * Chromatic - Visual UI testing for storybook. * Beeceptor - REST API mocking.


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