Awesome Nix Awesome NixOS

A curated list of the best resources in the Nix community.

Nix is a powerful package manager for Linux and other Unix systems that makes package management reliable and reproducible.

Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.



  • Nix Notes - A collection of short notes about Nix, each contributing to the same virtual machine image.
  • Nix Pills - The best way to learn, with examples.
  • Nix Shorts - A collection of short notes about Nix.
  • - An opinionated guide for developers about getting things done using the Nix ecosystem.
  • Tour of Nix - An online interactive tutorial on Nix language constructs.


  • Hound - Handily search across all or selected Nix-related repositories.
  • NixDB - A database with Nix packages at all versions, from all channels.


  • NixOS Weekly - The newsletter to stay informed about community updates.

Installation Media

  • nixos-generators - Take a NixOS config and build multiple different images types including VirtualBox VMs, Azure images, and installation ISOs.
  • nixos-up - Super easy NixOS installer that can be used from the installation ISO.

Channel History

Deployment Tools

  • Colmena - A simple, stateless NixOS deployment tool modeled after NixOps and morph.
  • krops - A lightweight toolkit to deploy NixOS systems, remotely or locally.
  • KubeNix - A Kubernetes resource builder using Nix.
  • KuberNix - Single-dependency Kubernetes clusters via Nix packages.
  • morph - A tool for managing existing NixOS hosts.
  • Nixery - A Docker-compatible container registry which builds images ad-hoc via Nix.
  • NixOps - The official Nix deployment tool, compatible with AWS, Hetzner, and more.
  • nixos-shell - Simple headless VM configuration using Nix (similar to Vagrant).
  • pushnix - Simple cli utility that pushes NixOS configuration and triggers a rebuild using ssh.
  • terraform-nixos - A set of Terraform modules designed to deploy NixOS.
  • terranix - Use Nix and the NixOS module system to write your Terraform code.

Command-Line Tools

  • comma - Quickly run any binary; wraps together nix run and nix-index.
  • nixfmt - A formatter for Nix code, intended to easily apply a uniform style.
  • nixpkgs-fmt - Nix code formatter for nixpkgs.
  • nixpkgs-hammering - Beat your package expressions into a shape.
  • nix-diff - A tool to explain why two Nix derivations differ.
  • nix-index - Quickly locate Nix packages with specific files.
  • nix-prefetch - A universal tool for updating source checksums.
  • nix-tree - Interactively browse the dependency graph of Nix derivations.


  • Arion - Run docker-compose with help from Nix/NixOS.
  • cached-nix-shell - A nix-shell replacement that uses caching to open subsequent shells quickly.
  • Cachix - Hosted binary cache service; free for open-source projects.
  • gitignore.nix - The most feature-complete and easy-to-use .gitignore integration.
  • lorri - A much better nix-shell for development that augments direnv.
  • niv - Easy dependency management for Nix projects with package pinning.
  • nix-direnv - A fast loader and flake-compliant configuration for the direnv environment auto-loader.
  • nixpkgs-review - The best tool to verify that a pull-request in Nixpkgs is building properly.
  • pre-commit-hooks.nix - Run linters/formatters at commit time and on your CI.

Programming Languages


  • nixduino - Nix-based tool to help build Arduino sketches.


  • crystal2nix - Convert shard.lock into Nix expressions.


  • elm2nix - Convert elm.json into Nix expressions.


  • cabal2nix - Converts a Cabal file into a Nix build expression.
  • haskell.nix - Alternative Haskell Infrastructure for Nixpkgs.
  • nix-haskell-mode - Automatic Haskell setup in Emacs.
  • nixkell - A Haskell project template using Nix and direnv.
  • stack2nix - Generate nix expressions for Haskell projects.


  • Napalm - Support for building npm packages in Nix with a lightweight npm registry.
  • node2nix - Generate Nix expressions from a package.lock npm file.
  • yarn2nix - Generate Nix expressions from a yarn.lock file.


  • composer2nix - Generate Nix expressions to build composer packages.
  • composition-c4 - Support for building composer packages from a composer.lock (using IFD).
  • nix-phps - Flake containing old and unmaintained PHP versions (intended for CI use).



  • mach-nix - Tool to create highly reproducible python environments.
  • poetry2nix - Build Python packages directly from Poetry's poetry.lock. No conversion step needed.
  • pypi2nix - Generate Nix expressions for Python packages.


  • Bundix - Generates a Nix expression for your Bundler-managed application.


  • fenix - Rust toolchains and rust analyzer nightly for nix.
  • naersk - Build Rust packages directly from Cargo.lock. No conversion step needed.
  • rust-nix-templater - Generates Nix build and development files for Rust projects.

NixOS Modules


  • awesome-nix-hpc - High Performance Computing package sets.
  • Home Manager - Manage your user configuration just like NixOS.
  • nix-bitcoin - Nix packages and NixOS modules for Bitcoin nodes with higher-layer protocols with an emphasis on security.
  • nix-darwin - Manage macOS configuration just like on NixOS.
  • nixpkgs-mozilla - Mozilla's overlay with bleeding-edge Rust and Firefox.
  • nixpkgs-wayland - Bleeding-edge Wayland packages.
  • NUR - Nix User Repositories. The mother of all overlays, allowing access to user repositories and installing packages via attributes.